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Tempio di Atena

Open Paestum

The “Open Paestum“ project, conceived by the Vela association, in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Paestum and with the technological partners, is founded on the awareness that too often the immense historical and cultural heritage with which Italy is rich is not fully usable by those who experience conditions of “diversity“. The idea consists in the creation of a series of multimedia services whose purpose is to guarantee an “enlarged“ and “repeated“ use, which will allow a new visit experience for all guests, and will also allow people with disabilities (physical and visual) to enjoy the archaeological site like never before. The services provided are the following:
• a Web Platform.
• a mobile App free to download, through which it will be possible to use multimedia and accessible guides, virtual representations in augmented reality, the digitization of data and finds present in the museum deposits.
• 3D printing of specific temples of the Archaeological Park, in order to also make these reproductions available to visitors with visual impairment, in an area that will be managed by the Institution.

Thanks to the “Open Paestum“ project, it will be possible to immerse yourself in the magnificent atmosphere of ancient Poseidonia, discovering places and characters, combining history and technology thanks to augmented reality. The latest generation App for smartphones and devices, will make the visit of the Archaeological Park of Paestum, truly “immersive“, also allowing visitors with motor and sensory disabilities to enjoy mini stories in augmented reality, which will bring them back in time to relive it.

Daily life habits , culture, religion, traditions, all the history of the Greek city of Poseidonia up to its evolution in the Roman Paestum, will be “shown“ to the visitor through virtual stories, of different duration, to be enjoyed during the walk inside of the archaeological area, wearing visors, which will be provided directly by the organization. Even people with specific sensory disabilities, who until now have been precluded from benefiting from the priceless cultural heritage of the area, will now be able to fully enjoy them, thanks to 3D printed prints of temples and finds, and above all to a kit that, through the module for the dynamic generation of Braille texts will allow them to take full advantage of this experience.


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